The Complete Android 10 Developer Course – Mastering Android

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Free Download The Complete Android 10 Developer Course – Mastering Android and Learn Android App Development from Zero to Hero – Become a Real Android Developer – Start your coding career

What you’ll learn

  • Android App Development
  • Building real apps


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So you want to become an Android Developer & start publishing your apps?

You like to stay home & learn from your own computer?

You don’t like to attend class?

You need to learn about latest technology & app development?

You have brilliant ideas & you need to develop them by creating your own apps by your hand?

My name’s Abbass Masri, creator of the world’s best-selling Android Teaching app called: “Master Android App” … and I’ve designed The Complete Android 10 Developer Course, especially for YOU.

Buy this course today and this is what you’ll get:

You’ll learn android app development from zero.

You’ll get the source codes of all projects.

You’ll create about 10 apps by the end of the course.

Don’t Think Twice!! 

Start your coding career now, by buying our course.

I promise You … As i helped 800,000 students to learn android, I will help you to become another pro..

Just buy it now, don’t waste time!



Java JDK (We will Download & Install it through the course)

Android Studio ( We will Download & install it through the course)

Programs we will use:

Android Studio ( Installation Process included in the course)

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who loved android
  • Every developer despite his level

Created by Abbass Masri
Last updated 5/2020
English [Auto]

Size: 10.41 GB

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